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1971 GTO Judge / 455 H.O. Ram Air / 4 speed

Here Comes the Judge!

Here it is, and it couldn't be more special to us (me). Why? Is it because it's the 12th car for our illustrious 2003 calendar? Maybe. Is it because it is one of the most awesome Muscle Cars ever constructed? Perhaps. Is it because it's such a rare car? Could be. So what is it that makes this car so great? Blood is thicker than Premium Gasoline! This car is owned by my (greg) Uncle who bought it brand new in 1971! Ever since I can remember my Uncle Mike has owned hot cars, but none quite as special as this GTO. What can I say, since we've started this biz we've met some pretty special people and it makes me feel good to get a chance to be a part of their live's even if it's just for an afternoon or so, but I got to grow up knowing this special man, and as happy as I am to put his fabulous car on my website it doesn't compare to being able to put the man on who owns her, because even if there were fewer than 357 Judges made that year there is only one Uncle Mike, and that's worth more to me than any muscle car ever could! Thank you Bob for flying to Illinois and making this happen, it couldn't have worked out any better!!

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