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1969 Mach 1 / 351W

The Pony Family

Keeping it in the family, to Paco that means just that. His son drives a 1989 5.0, his daughter drives a 1994 5.0 and Paco, well he's had his Mach 1 since 1976, if it'd good enough for dad, it's good enough for you!!!! I'm so glad we finally got to shoot Paco's Mach 1, not only is it a cool car but Paco was a lot of fun! And what Paco doesn't know is that I went a different way after the shoot to where I saw him getting on the 134 Fwy and it looked like he was having fun also!!That's what these cars are made for!! Thanks a lot Paco for taking a chance from a wacko with a business card!! Enjoy!

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