Tom Allen / Rochelle Illinois

Dear musclecarcalendar.com,

 I have a funny story that you might like! I've always driven muscle cars, I now have a 1969 GTO. I was on a date where we ate and drank at a Mexican restaurant. So on the way back to my place I started getting violent gas pains. I didn't know what to do but I knew I had to do it fast!! So as I was driving I started bumping the gas pedal as if the car was bucking or running out of gas. Being a stick the car jumped quite a bit making my date inquire to what was wrong with the car. In a confident voice I said "oh damn, I know what's wrong, hold on for a second I've got to pull over and fix it." So I pulled the GTO over raised the hood and looked as if I was working on the engine.  I then unloaded an air biscuit that could stop a Boeing 747!! I stood there until I thought the threat was over and so it wouldn't follow me to the car! Wouldn't you know it a couple miles down the road it hit me again. So pumping the gas (so to speak) I once again pulled the car over and repeated step 2 until I felt OK again. She never knew (as far as I know!) and everything turned out fine. Please feel free to use my idea as a few of my friends said they wish they could have thought of something like that!!!


Thank you,




 Maybe she was doing the same thing IN the car when you got out!!