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1967 Fairlane GTA / 390

The "little old lady" car

When Bob and I arrive at the owners house we know we are going to get to take pictures of a beautiful car, and we know we are going to get to hear an awesome engine, but what we don't know turns out to be the best part of the shoot, the owners, and Roy is no exception! Roy is the "uncle" you looked up to as a kid, the one that didn't go out of his way to be cool, he just was! Walking in to Roy's beautiful house you see an old 1920 Philco tube radio perched on top of an original hand cranked record player, followed by a restored 1968 Taco mini bike in the kitchen, talk about a well rounded personality, Roy's got it, complete with a warm yet direct sense of humor! Oh, the car is no slouch either! I was lucky enough to get to ride in the Fairlane to the locations where I was given the "full" tour of her GTA options, including a demonstration of the "select shift" transmission as the back tires were magically moving much faster than the rest of the car! But not to worry, we checked the cars I.D. and it was indeed old enough to smoke. We had such a good time it was tough to pile in the 300ZX and fight the traffic back to LA but I have a feeling my bike will be making the trip in a couple of month's to check out Roy's driving skills on his Harley  Davidson. Enjoy Roy's attention to detail in the pictures, we did!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect, DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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